International Word Processing Services, Inc.

Specializing in expert word processing and transcription services


Outsource your word processing and transcription  projects.

By using a word processing and transcription services, you only pay for the time actually spent on your particular project. You need not supply benefits or training. There are business alternatives.

International Word Processing Services, Inc. ("IWPS") offers complete, professional word processing, transcription, employment placement, secretarial and graphics services for individuals and businesses. Quality documents can set you apart from others in your industry. IWPS can incorporate graphics, graphs, logos, charts, and spreadsheets into your business documents providing you with the polished and professional appearance required in the business marketplace today. IWPS can also offer straight typing services for those who just don't have the time.

We pride ourselves on the quality that we provide and, to us, that means more than just preparing a document that's pleasing to the eye. At IWPS, we believe in earning the right to serve you.

We'll provide you with confidential and accurate word processing or transcription along with first-rate service! Our workers are all on site so you never have to worry about your confidential material being farmed out. With over 15 years of experience in providing transcription and word processing to many industries, we are experts in quality. Try us and we'll show you why so many of our clients keep coming back!  

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